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Lake City was originally known as Alligator Town and was the first home of the University of Florida. The name of the town was changed to Lake City in the mid-1800’s. The North Central Florida area is rich in history, wild life, and natural resources.  The area has many natural springs, most open to the public.


Lake City is about an hour from Jacksonville, 45 minutes from Gainesville  and  about  an  hour  and  a


About the Area


half from Tallahassee. Centrally located, it is an ideal place for business and commerce and a great community in which to live.  Lake City has an airport with an 8000 foot runway, rail service, and an active local government. Three hospitals are located in the area, including a large VA medical center.


Below, we have put together some useful information for those looking to relocate to the area. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


In Columbia County & Lake City


Chamber of Commerce

Columbia County School Board

Lake City Reporter

Columbia County Property Appraiser

Columbia County Tax Collector

In Suwannee County & Live Oak


Chamber of Commerce

Suwannee County School Board

The Suwannee Democrat

Suwannee County Property Appraiser

Suwannee County Tax Collector

In Union County & Lake Butler


Chamber of Commerce

Union County School Board

Union County Property Appraiser

Union County Tax Collector

In Hamilton County & Jasper


Chamber of Commerce

Hamilton County School Board

Hamilton County Property Appraiser

Hamilton County Tax Collector